ABN Registration

ABN Registration

  • January 06, 2021

Australian ABN number registration


In order to use the Australian domain registry to register an .au domain name you must first have a registered ABN number. This is a requirement of the Australian Auda registry.

This stops other international orgainisations from posing as a legitimate Australian business and keeps the Australian name space fair and safe.

There are many different companies out there who are charging for ABN number registration. We suggest that you avoid these companies because the truth is that ABN number registration is completly free.

In order to register an Australian ABN number so you can register your new .au domain name you can head over to the Australian government website and apply for your ABN number in less than 20 minutes.

Register your Australian ABN number here

Note - ABN number registration is not required for other international domain names such as .com or .net
This is only required for Australian domain names ending in .au