How To Delegate Your Domain Name

How to delegate your domain name

  • January 26, 2021


How to delegate your domain name to point to a web hosting account.

There are three different components when operating a website online.
You will need the following.
However, you don't actually need to buy a web hosting account to use your domain. Read more!

1. A domain name.
2. A web hosting account.
3. Delegate your domain

You don’t need to have your domain name and web hosting with the same company. However, it does help to keep both of these with the same provider for possible future troubleshooting and simplicity of use. It may also be more cost effective.

When you own a domain name. You have the option to point your domain to any web hosting provider you wish. In order to point your domain name for use with a web hosting provider you must direct it to that hosting company. This is called “delegating” your domain.

Each hosting company operates a set of two or more special servers called name servers. Otherwise known as (NS)

When you find yourself in the situation where you need to use a different web hosting provider other than the hosting your domain registration company offers. You will need to delegate your domain to the new hosting companies name servers.
It’s common for hosting companies to have more than two name servers. They do this because it offers much greater redundancy and fail over. But generally you won’t need to use any more than two different name server addresses or IP addresses.

When you want to delegate your domain to a certain hosting provider. The first step is to check the web hosts website in order to attain the two NS addresses.
Often these address will either be a name. Or alternatively a set of two IP addresses. However it is more common to see a NS name.
The NS names generally look like something very similar to the following.

For use with Domain Registration DNS web hosting services

Our web hosting name servers. (NS)

We operate three different sets of name servers for our hosting products.

These are

1. Cloud Hosting Name Servers (NS)

2. cPanel Hosting Name Servers (NS)

3. Legacy cPanel Hosting Name Servers (NS)

When you register a new domain. It will automatically be assigned with our "Cloud Hosting" Name Servers

Changing your domain’s name server/delegation settings.

. Login to your account using the login button located in the top right hand corner of the main website page. It is marked in yellow and can be easily identified.

2. Select the domain you wish to manage or make changes to

3.The next page will present you with the option to select and click Domain Name

Click on. Domain Delegation found on the left hand side of the menu.

5. Type in the name servers (NS) you need to delegate your domain name to.
These are called the host name boxes. You enter the name servers names here

 6. Select and click Update Name Servers

Note that it can take several hours for these settings to update and propagate. However due to our ultra-fast Anycast DNS servers these often update instantly. By Default. We automatically assign and delegate your domain to our cloud hosting servers for you. Which are.

You can find more information on domain delegation and more in deepth instructions on our support page.

Our Cloud Hosting name servers | Free Services

When using our cloud hosting name servers, this will provide you with a number of free extra services for your domain and allow additional advanced customisation.

Using these (NS) settings will enable you to perform URL forwarding, Email Alias forwarding, Create Subdomains and make unlimited amounts of various DNS records all completly free.
Many other registars charge addition fee's for these options.
These name servers are setup by default when you register a domain so you can start using these free features right away.

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