AnyCast DNS Servers

AnyCast DNS Servers

  • December 03, 2020

Anycast DNS is a form of traffic routing algorithm that is used for the fast delivery of website content. It advertises individual IP address on multiple server nodes. Internet user requests are directed to specific server nodes based on factors such as the capacity and health of your server, and the distance between it and the website visitor.


There are approximately 5 benefits you gain from using our Anycast DNS servers compared to the traditional unicast routing methods that most other domain name registration and webhosting companies deploy and offer to their clients.

Anycast DNS provides.

1, Automatic load balancing.

2, Enhanced DNS security

3, Improved network latency and speed.

4, High network and DNS availability

5, Simplified DNS configuration.

Our Anycast network is distributed in strategic locations around the world within high speed data centre's. The node locations are Sydney, Malaysia, Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Generally when website owners make changes to their domain name DNS settings these changes normally take up to 48 hours to replicate and propagate around the world. While using our Anycast network these changes normally update almost instantly. Or worse case scenario a maximum of only 4 hours depending on the type of changes you have made and the TTL (Time to live) you select for the new DNS records you create or modify.

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