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Domain Names

Choose from hundreds of extensions to get the perfect domain name.


With Domain Registration DNS Australia your domain registration is complete with great value prices and superior service and support. Our high speed AnyCast DNS servers insure that any changes you make to your domain name settings are updated almost instantly and propagate around the world within hours instead of the standard 48 hours.

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Choose from hundreds of extensions to get the perfect domain name.

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The best services for your business

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Australian domain names are different from the normal .com domain names in a few different ways. Firstly the .au registry has a different set of rules and regulations. One of the most obvious regulation is you must be a citizen of Australia and have an ABN number. This helps to protect the identity of legitimate Aussie websites. However, without an ABN you are still able to register a normal .com address as this comes under a different set of rules. Generally .com domains are also cheaper. The regulator for .au is called the auDA for top level Australian domain names.

The auDA registry provides these different extensions.

The registry consists of many Australian domain extensions. Different extensions are used for different purposes listed here.

1. – Commercial or private use
2. – For educational use such as schools
3. – For networking or other personal sites
4. -For commonwealth scientific and industrial research groups
5. – For organisations
6. – For an association
7. – For government websites
8. -For commonwealth scientific and industrial research organisations.
7. – For Australian individuals.

In general the best internet addresses contain the following considerations

1. They directly reflect the actual name of your new business
2. They are simple and easy to remember. Often a memorable or catchy name
3. They contain three syllables or less. Longer names can be harder to remember.
4. Easy to pronounce and spell
5. Contain the same keywords that searching internet users might type into a web browser

When registering an .au domain name. It’s always a really good idea to also register the other versions of this extension so internet users or potential customers don’t confuse your address with someone else’s website. If you choose to register a address. It is highly recommended that you also register the and .com versions of your new name. This stops anyone else trying to take the credit for the services you provide on your website or drive them away and lead them down the wrong path. This could result in you losing that all important sale.

Owing an Australian domain name can be a very exciting time and lead to opening up new exciting possibilities to expand your personal or business identity. Using an Australian identity can be used for both personal and business use.

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