The History Of Domain Names

The history of domain names

  • February 13, 2021

Chronological time period of the domain name industry.

1969 – The First message was sent via the Arpanet network

At 10:30 pm October 29, 1969, the very first message was sent using ARPANET.
This was the first computer network ever developed. It was designed for the United States Department of Defense and they implemented the TCP/IP protocol.

TCP/IP is the internet protocol used to send and receive data over the internet.
ARPANET is the precursor of the internet. This also marked the beginning of the of the domain name industry.

1971 – The birth of email

1971 marked the birth of the email system. The first official email was sent by Mr Ray Tomlinson.
He chose to use the well known @ sign to separate the local part from the domain name.
The address of the first email address was "tomlinson@bbntenexa"
He sent the first email to himself.

1972 – Socket numbers registered

Mr Jon Postel starts to record the first socket numbers for the ARPANET network using a notebook.
His new registry became known as the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) in 1998. IANA, the organization he founded and ran for years, is the Internet's essential numbering authority. This is the system that allocates and dynamically assigns IP addresses globally.

1983 – DNS is created

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a naming convention used across the internet. This system converts domain names into IP giving the system its structure.
The DNS system was created by Mr Paul Mockapetris in November 1983 as a dedicated and distributed directory service. It was done this way because trying to use a single host name in registry was almost impossible.

1984 – Six TLDs available

On October 1984 six new top-level domains became available.
These were.


1985 – The first registration of a .com domain

On the 15th of march 1985 the very first .com domain was registered. This was registered by at a computer company called Symbolics Inc who were based in Massachusetts, USA. Over the years, ownership of the domain has changed hands and it is now an online museum about the internet and the world wide web.

Domain prices began at 100 US dollars for a two-year registration in 1995.

The first 10 registered domain names:

March 15, 1985 -

April 24, 1985 -

May 24, 1985 -

July 11, 1985 -

September 30, 1985 -

November 7, 1985 -

January 9, 1986 -

January 17, 1986 -

March 3, 1986 -

March 5, 1986 -

1986 – Domain name registration became avaliable to the public.

Before February 24, 1986, organisations with access to the ARPA network were the only entities with permission to register a domain name.
1986 marked the year where domain registration became available to the public.

1995 – Domain names were given a price

Before 1995 domain names were free to register.
Post 1995 new domain registrars started to pop up around the world.

1996 – The birth of

Now known as the world’s most famous search engine registers the domain
The official registration date was September 15, 1996. It took over a year before the web page was first launched.

1997 – The saturation of .com domain names with three letters.

By 1997, all of the possible combinations of different .com domain names with three letters had been registered. These domain names now fetch prices of exceeding a million dollars.

1998 – ICANN was founded

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers was born after the NTIA drafted a White Paper on September, 1998.
ICANN's creation was publicly announced on September 18, 1998 and was incorporated in California on September 30, 1998.

2000 – Seven new gTLDs become are proposed

August 15, 2000 seven new gTLD domains are proposed for general registration.
ICANN announced the introduction of seven generic TLDs on November 16


These became available over the following next 4 years.

2012 – Record 14,962 domain names were registered in 24 hours

Mr Mike Mann, a domain name speculator, registered almost 15,000 domain names over a a short period of 24 hours in April 2012.

2013 – .com domain saturation with four letters

In December 2013, every possible four-letter combination domain under .com extension was registered. This is a total of 456,976 combinations that had been registered. It should be noted that this only refers to the letter combinations of the Latin alphabet
100 new gTLDs also becomes avaliable.

2018 – a broad choice of new gTLDs

More than 1,000 new gTLDs become available.

2019 – The biggest cash domain ever sold

DNJournal reported the cash sale of the domain cash for a price of 30 million US dollars. This domain name was purchased by a block chain company for a new social media platform called “Voice”.

2020 – Keeping DNS safe during the pandemic

2020 marks the year of the corona virus outbreak which has turned the world upside down.
Abuse of domain names becomes to rise in order to maliciously take advantage of the corona virus pandemic . Security experts, internet engineers and registrars sign the COVID-19 Cyber Threat Coalition. The Registrar Stakeholder Group goes onto write a paper called. "Registrar approaches to the COVID-19 Crisis" This provides a number of steps and resources the registrar can implement to avoid abuse of the DNS (Domain Name System)

2021 Australia launches new .au extension

July, 2021 is the announcement date of the new Australian .au extension. This will remove the .com section of and domain names. Thousands of Australian domain name owners panic in fear of domain squatters registering their version of the new .au name in order to take credit for another companies brand. However, priority will be given to the original owners of the domains.

We dont stop here. Many new changes and milestones are expected over the comming years. Watch this space closley as we announce updates and news.

Where can I register a domain name?

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