Web Design & Development

Why choose us?

professional web design & development

  • We employ highly skilled and passionate web developers with over 20 year’s experience.
  • We code our websites in PHP, HTML, CSS and other web development languages.
  • Our highly skilled and trained web developers have built and created hundreds of CMS, ecommerce websites, personal and business websites with built in admin dashboards and panels.
  • We design and develop fully responsive and cross browser compatible websites professionally either from scratch or using WordPress and bootstrap templates. When using WordPress sites and templates, this gives you the ability to make minor changes to your website content on your own and without the need to pay additional costs to have developers make changes to your site. For Example. Pricing.
  • We can also provide any complex or small to large size website apps or projects.
  • Our developers core area's of expertise is developing customised admin panels or dashboards for your new websites which include customer login pages, webmail, databases and information collection.

Services also Included

Service in PHP:

  1. Full Responsive Website or CMS Creation
  2. API Creation and Integration
  3. Script Writing and Integration
  4. Website Customization and Modification
  5. Fix Bugs / Errors / Issues
  6. And Much More++

General Website:

  1. HTML, CSS
  2. E-commerce
  3. Personal Blogs
  4. Custom Web Apps
  5. Admin Panel and Dashboard
  6. WordPress Websites

professional web design & development