Creating Backlinks

Creating Backlinks

  • December 09, 2020

Here is everything you need to know when creating backlinks for your website.

The number 1 rule when creating Back links. 10 Quality Backlinks are better than 1000 spammy low quality Backlinks.

Never create anymore than 50 new backlinks per month. Otherwise Google will catch on and regard excessively created backlinks in short periods of time as link spam. Your domain/websites SPAM score will increase greatly and your ranking can decrease. 

Did you know that Googles guidelines indicate that PAID links are against Google policy? And if they detect paid links they can demote your website and also de rank the website selling them. They may even remove your site from their index completely! This is why you build only quality links, build them slowly and make sure they are all manually created so they look as natural as possible. Many scam link builders on the Fiveer freelancing platform use what is called a bot. This is a computer program designed to automatically push out high quantities of very low quality fruitless links. Google despises bots as they decline the quality of their search listings. They also know when a bot has been used. This will also cause a huge drop in domain rating and push you way down in Googles search index. And sometimes even banning your website from Google completely. This is called de ranking.

So watch out for bot creators. Avoid them like the plague. And always ask the question. Are you building links manually or are you using a bot?

A great way to tell if someone is using a bot without asking them. If they tell you they will create 500 links in 2 days. You know they are using a bot. It's impossible for someone to create so many links manually in such a short amount of time. Unless they themselves are some kind of robot or machine. Technology has not yet developed that far and we are only just starting to touch on the world of artificial intelligence. No human on earth can sit in front of a computer screen and manually create 500 links in just two days. That's impossible even for the fastest typist. 

Always do your best to search for high quality backlinks. And find a backlink with the highest DA (Domain Authority Score) as possible.

Always ask your backlink provider, when they are creating new backlinks for you usually with an order of no more than 50 at a time or within a one month period. Ask them if every backlink they create in a short period of time is being created with a different IP address for every link that is made. Google can detect someone building masses of backlinks from the same IP address. And if this happens. It wont help your rankings at all and you will be paying for fruitless backlinks once more. There is no easy or "get rich quick" style methods for creating new backlinks to your website. 

So make sure that the person building and acquiring links for you is using what is called. "White Hat" SEO methods. Also make sure that the links being created are 100% penguin safe and always from a different IP address for each link that is created.

Always ask and make sure the backlinks being created are "dofollow" backlinks. Although it is best your website does not have a 100% dofollow backlink score. This will cause you problems with your rankings. About an 89% dofollow link score is the magic number.

If you want to know what your domains website scores is. Including how many dofollow links you have and how many backlinks you have vs how many actual referring domain links you have. You can use this special tool for free.

When checking your websites URL with this tool. Be sure to search with the www and non www version of your website to see what the difference is. If there is a huge a difference between these figures. You should get an SEO expert to check if your website has a proper 301 redirect configured in your sites htaccess file. This is a huge tip and matters greatly when it comes to your Google rankings and SEO.

Totally avoid any seller on the Fiveer freelancing platform who tells you that there backlinks will give you No.1 rankings in Google. This is always a 100% total lie, not the truth and a total scam.

Not only that. It's impossible, Prefer to trust someone who will only say that there backlink service will only help improve your rankings. This is much more genuine and legitimate.

Backlinks alone will never get you top rankings. There is over 200 other ranking factors that Google considers when ranking your website in its rightful position within the search engine index. 

In 2020. Backlinks is no longer the No1. Ranking factor. This was the case years ago. But not anymore. Google is always constantly updating the way they rank websites.

In 2020 the number 1 ranking factor for SEO is good CONTENT. The more great content you have on your website with keywords you are targeting is what will get you ranked higher in the search engine results in 2020. Good and strong content creation is what will help your website rank higher. Not backlinks. Although its good to have healthy backlink profile. You don't need thousands of them. Just a few hundred high quality links.

It is also worth noting. When creating good readable content on your website. Make sure the content is at the top of your web page and not down the bottom. Google wont rank or favour content at the bottom of your web pages. One of the best ways to continue creating good content on your website is to make a blog page. Make sure that when writing your blogs they are full of original content written by you or a professional content writer. Don't copy content from other websites. Google will detect this and technically regard this as what they call "Duplicate Content" They will also penalise you for this. If you are going to write blog posts, make sure that the blog post on your website has some of the exact keywords in it that people would normally type into the Google search box when looking for services or products that you sell or provide on your web site. Google will favour this highly and rank your site higher. Other things to keep in mind when writing your blogs. Avoid what is called keyword stuffing, take approximately 1 hour to write your blog post and try to keep them at about 1000 words. Google loves new, accurate and compelling content. This will work better for your rankings than 5 high quality backlinks.

When creating or paying someone to assist you with acquiring new backlinks. Insure that the backlink creator or SEO expert is not using what is regarded as black hat methods. Sometimes black hat methods will actually work. But not for long. Google is too intelligent and will eventually catch up with you. Maybe not today or in three months. But they will eventually as they are always tuning and improving the sophisticated algorithms that crawl web sites looking for breaches in their rules, regulations, guidelines and policies.

When hiring someone to acquire new backlinks for your web site.. Make sure you ask them and tell them that each and every backlink they create must be on a different root domain. Many back linkers on the freelance Fiveer platform will tell you that they will create or acquire 100s of backlinks for you. However the problem is that they may repeat many of your websites URLs on the same root domain. So your missing out on getting the actual number of referring domains/websites pointing back to your website. For example you might ask for 100 backlinks to be created over the period of a month. Or even ask them to make sure they drip feed the links slowly to help avoid an increase in spam score, but 35 of those links are on the same website and hidden in a different directory or page. This is again fruitless. And don't forget what we mentioned before. Make sure you ask that each and every backlink is created with a different IP address. If the person or company you hire tells you they are building your backlinks while on the the same IP address. Just say no thanks. 

If you stick to these rules when creating or getting someone else to publish backlinks for you. You should be in good shape. And always remember. Good content on your pages will always rule over the backlink. So its best to focus on your content in 2020.

Good luck on your journey to higher Google rankings. Keep an eye out for those people who try to sell you a fruitless damaging service by misleading, misdirecting and guiding you incorrectly for their own personal financial gain. Some organisations out there can pay up to $500 for a single excellent contextual backlink. And most of the time that one backlink is perfect for your rankings if it is on a website regarded as being in the same Niche as you and has a high domain authority score. So if someone wants to sell you 500 to a 1000 backlinks on the Fiveer platform for less than $10 dollars. Walk and look the other way! Otherwise you will just be paying them your hard earned money to destroy you! Not help you. There is no replacement for a good monthly SEO campaign and writing great original content.