Distributed Hosting

Distributed Hosting

  • December 21, 2020

What is Distributed Web Hosting?

Domain Registration DNS offers a complete distributed hosting solution with all of our cPanel hosting plans.

What does this mean for your website and how is it different from most other common web hosting companies?

Many web hosting companies who offer cheap hosting services do not provide much redundancy in terms of quality. You can find hosting plans out there for just $3 per month. But what are you actually getting for that price? Well as it turns out not much. You will be given a user name and password, access to your hosting account via a web hosting panel and FTP access to upload your new website. These hosting providers advertise using very strong words such as uptime, redundancy, RAID and backups. They often explain that they operate fully redundant servers. What they mean by this is that the storage on there servers is running in a RAID configuration (Redundant Array Of Inexpensive Disks) This allows a web storage server to keep operating if one or more of the hard drives fail. This means the drive that fails can be replaced without shutting down the server. This is called hot swapping. However this is the only form of redundancy you get. Often a web hosting company will operate a single server in a single location with hundreds sometimes thousands of web sites being loading from a single host. And if a hard drive dies or crashes on that server often no problems come from it and wont cause downtime. The crashed drive will be hot swapped with a brand new one keeping the server alive. But what if the server itself has a problem? It could crash, loose connectivity, have a power issue or even be hacked. In these cases running a redundant RAID array on the servers storage is useless because that wont protect you from other known common issues.

The distributed hosting service.

We run a world class distributed hosting service using the peer to peer model. When you purchase a hosting account from us and upload your new website. Your data is never just sitting on a single server. The infrastructure type that we use is called clustered computing. The moment you upload your website or data, it is then distributed to all the servers within that cluster. And we further operate multiple clusters around the world. When all the servers within the cluster are operating. Your website is load balanced across all of the servers in that cluster. Think of it as having multiple mirror images. This is why our web hosting offers lightening fast page load speed because your site is being loaded from a shared group of multiple servers. If one of these servers in the cluster has a complete failure. Then no need to worry. Your website is still running on all the other servers belonging to that cluster. This insures your website will never go down and has maximum high availability.

We also offer Anycast DNS which also has enhanced redundancy and high availability insuring there is no single point of failure.

Our full featured, clustered and distributed cPanel hosting plans start from just $12.45 per month with 99.99% uptime. We guarantee your web sites and databases will never go down and continue to load at lightening speeds for internet users around the world! Our cPanel hosting platform also has the ability to compress your web site content making the file size's smaller therefore less data needs to be sent in order to load a single web page.

Move away from your current hosting provider and enjoy up to 30% faster hosting. Perfect for enterprise and large scale businesses. Migration advise available.

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