Fastest Australian Web Hosting

Fastest Australian Web Hosting

  • January 08, 2021


Check out our high GTmetrics hosting score.
The highest in Australia! 

What is the GTmetrix hosting speed tool?

The GTmetrix website speed tool is a service that allows you to check how fast certain websites load on certain web hosting servers.
This service gives you great insights into things that could be slowing down your website response times and can also give you some suggestions as to things you can do to speed up your website loading speeds.

We have provided you with the GTmetrix statistics for our site's hosting that clearly indicates the emmense speed our website hosting  provides all of ourAustralian web hosting customers. These scores are the highest and fastest you will see with any Australian web hosting provider.

Google loves fast loading websites. They use many different factors when deciding where to show your website in the search engine results. Google tends to place faster loading websites higher and closer to the first page of it's search results. 
If you want to beat your competition. You are going to need a lightening fast web hosting company such as ours.

We offer the fastest web hosting in Australia based on our high speed, high burst clustered and distributed hosting servers.
Your website is actually loaded onto several high performance web servers and the data is shared between them giving you the power of multiplul servers all working together at the same time instead of just a single over populated cheaper hosting server plan you will find with other Australian web hosting companies.

Our high performance web hosting packages start from just $12.99 per month

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