Free WordPress Hosting

Free WordPress Hosting

  • June 16, 2021

There are so many advantages of Free WordPress hosting. It is the best way to host your website on line without having to pay a large amount of money. There are so many reasons as to why Free WordPress host isn't good enough for blogs or internet business.


The biggest con of Free WordPress Hosting is that they don't offer you all the features that they promise they will give you. Free hosts do not offer the same security features or tools like paid hosts do. In fact, free hosts are very vulnerable to attack from viruses and hackers. Due to this, it is wise that you use a Free WordPress Hosting platform which offers you top notch security tools and features. These features are the only thing that make using free WordPress hosting platform secure.

Bandwidth Limits

There is another big disadvantage that comes along with using free WordPress hosting plan including in the bandwidth limit. The truth is that even free WordPress hosting plans include a limited amount of space. This is why most people use limited space for their website. Most times, there is an option in the control panel for limiting the size of your files. But be sure that you don't go over your allowed file size limit as it might get your website banned on one of the server sites.

Less Support

Another disadvantage that comes with Free WordPress hosting is that it has less customer support compared to paid hosting. This is because there is no customer support provided by the company that hosts your website. When it comes to online business, customer support is very important especially when it comes to troubleshooting problems. So be sure to limit the number of email messages that you send to the Support team to reduce your chance of getting bad reception.

Types of plans

There are two types of hosting plans; unmanaged and managed hosting plans. If you choose to use unmanaged plan, you will have more freedom but it is not that reliable. In other words, it could crash anytime. On the other hand, managed hosting plans offer higher reliability.

1 Click Backups

You can create backups on your Free WordPress hosting environment. One-click backup of your entire website or a specific page is one of the best feature of this type of hosting environment. You can easily create backups, so you won't lose any important data. With one-click backup, you can easily do backups even if you are not available on the server.


Nowadays, almost every online business is by using web hosting. Some of them prefer to use free web hosting due to its flexibility and cheap price. Free WordPress hosting allows people to customize their website and make changes according to their needs. As an owner of a site, you would want your website to be well organized and free from bugs or errors. So, you should use free WordPress hosting to make your online business more reliable and professional.


Free hosting is perfect for those who don't want to spend much. It is the perfect solution for those who want to start an online business but don't have enough budget to pay for a dedicated server. This is also the perfect solution for those who want to upgrade their website after a certain period of time. You can use free hosting providers as a temporary option and once your site is ready, you can use paid hosting providers.

Free Hosting Plans

There are many free hosting plans that allow users to install WordPress and other blog platforms with relative ease. These hosts are usually supported by a team of professional developers who provide regular security, monitoring, upgrades, etc. You can even customize your blog platform and add new themes, plugins, and templates. However, there are times when these hosts fail to provide quality service and support and sometimes they even damage your computer or software. Many users have faced various problems like invalid password, wrong domain name, slow loading, poor customer support, etc.


Another problem that some users face with free hosting providers is that the free hosting companies do not support their clients' bandwidth. In most cases, the problem is related to a common coding error. Most of the time, free hosting companies fail to apply any updates or patches and this often leads to the degradation of the quality of services. There are many hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth but do not offer a good control panel. They also fail to provide sufficient resources to maintain a server. The users have to do all the work on his own and he cannot rely on the support team of the hosting company.


If you need an excellent hosting plan include with your website, you should go for a paid hosting plan including an automatic installation of WordPress. A free hosting provider will only give you limited disk space and bandwidth and you will be unable to download your own plugin and theme. When you opt for a paid hosting plan include an automatic installation of WordPress which will automatically boost the performance and scope of your website.