How Fast Cloud Web Hosting Helps Web Developers.

How fast cloud web hosting helps web developers.

  • January 12, 2021


How fast cloud hosting servers benefits web and application developers

When cloud computing was in its first initial stages, many people asked the same question: ‘Has services in the cloud revolutionized the work of web developers?’

The answer to this was very debatable. Some gave a straight ‘yes’ answer. Others, on the other hand, a lot more skeptical and used the let’s wait and see’ approach. But this was now a few years ago.

Let’s fast forward to 2021, and we now can see that cloud computing has made huge changes for the I.T industry. Faster web hosting helps smooth out more web development tasks with minimal interruptions these days. And for developers, this is a major large step in the right direction.

Here are five benefits that cloud hosting helps modern web developers with.

Low latency

Super-fast cloud hosting has given internet users the most bang for their buck.. But for web developers, cloud hosting has made and created a whole new development background that has changed all the rules of the industry.

Unlike the cloud, normal conventional hosting solutions are greatly limited by their data server physical locations. In other words, the fewer the numbers are, the more unlikely you will have the choice of selecting a servers location that is closest to your region. Due to this, latency issues always becomes a key problem because of higher TFTB (Time to First Byte) and much slower server response times. This results in slow response times and dropped packets that often translate into UX issues.

On the other hand, cloud hosting offers a high number of region-specific data centers. This often helps reduce the time that is required to send data to the requesting clients. And as a result. Developers enjoy much faster loading speeds and can now factor in high data volumes into their development processes.

Developing scalable and higher performance applications

Web devs create now create server applications that are scalable and can deliver higher performance under increased server load. However, this will depends on the hosting solution or the web hosting provider that powers the whole process.

Shared cloud hosting, for example, can have many limitations that slow the performance and scalability because of lower storage capacity on shared server resources. This results in the performance being limited to the discretion of the cloud hosting plan that is being used, and meeting clients’ needs becomes an almost impossible feat. This is actually quite true for developing very complex applications such as CRM and ecommerce applications that depend upon things like inter-module communication for best optimum performance.

When it comes to dedicated web hosting, developers are much better off developing applications because of dedicated server resources. But, there is in fact a downside. They will need to manage applications and the servers by themselves, which is really frustrating and can take up a lot of time.

With fast cloud web hosting. Web developers have far less fewer burdens. Its simple scalability features and array of different performance features will allow them to build and install new complex applications with much fewer problems. If they decide to use managed cloud hosting, they wont need to bother with server administration tasks, server maintenance, and other technical processes. Managed cloud hosting providers takes care of those things which leaves developers more time to focus on creating a host of robust server applications.

This results in meeting clients’ needs more effectively and without needing to worry about slow server response times and other server-related hassles.


Enhanced UX

Cloud hosting has benefits that will also extend to richer website experience. When it comes to a improved UX hosting speed is the king. Websites that often provide seamless navigation such as online ecommerce stores will need to produce a much better user experience so they can stay competitive in the industry.

Web developers will relate when we say how annoying it is when you receive calls from angry clients screaming at you to fix web page issues and horrible looking visual effects. What they don’t seem to realise is the UX is directly related to the performance of the web hosting solution they are using. Generally In the case of cloud web hosting, developers can use videos and hi-resolution pictures and images without needing to worry about the slow web hosting and horrible high network and server latency.

Cloud hosting providers such as us offer lightning-fast web hosting server performance by using local data servers located in several locations around the world. We have now already seen how this overcomes latency issues. But our fast cloud hosting has another edge. This is known as content delivery network otherwise known CDNs. This is also includes our Anycast DNS network

These are networks of several servers that are located in different geographical locations. CDNs cache what is called static content, such as images and CSS files. This helps serve web hosting server requests from the nearest available server node.

Timely delivery of assets.

Web developers can also gain from the rapid delivery of new internet application assets. These include internal and external scripts with fast cloud web hosting.  Local data centres and advanced CDNs can save time spent on sorting through the web hosting server for external and internal scripts. This creates faster loading speeds and internet user experience.

Exactly the same thing can be said for high-res images and videos. This makes web development portfolios for digital agencies websites a breeze. Web developers no longer have to worry about the dangers of waiting for a web page to take 10 seconds to load and completely display all of the content.

Collaborate with team-based projects in real time.

Shared and dedicated web hosting plans help developers work in different geographically distributed teams.

Despite calling web developers nerdy loners who stay glued to their computer screens for hours, developers do need to work on team projects. The main problem is the security of team leader’s master credentials.

Cloud web hosting comparison, on the other hand actually offers the exact opposite to this. Web developers have the new found freedom to grant application level access to many different users whilst retaining full access for themselves. They can then collaborate and work effectively on group tasks with complete transparency.

There is no doubt that cloud computing has been an interesting shift for web development. Thanks to lightning fast web hosting, web developers can now access infrastructure best-suited for development of robust web applications either on their own or in groups at just a fraction of the cost. It has also further allowed developers to cater to different clients’ needs a lot faster and effectively.