New .au Registry Changes 2021

New .au registry changes 2021

  • February 05, 2021


New .au registry changes

On 12 April 2021 the auDA is implementing a new set of rules for the .au domain name space for Top Level Domains.

These new upcoming rules include a wide range of different changes which applies to all Australian registrants directly relating to the terms and conditions for domains. This will also affect some of the different aspects in regards to how registrants will now need to manage their domains. 
Some of these changes have alarmed many Australian domain name holders.

Affective 12 April 2021

These new guidelines will be effective starting 12 April 2021.
All .au domains that are created renewed and transferred on or after the set date are all going to be subject to the new licensing guidelines and rules.

If your .au domain licence becomes expired after the 12 April 2021 cut off date the rules which are in place at the time you registered or renewed your .au name will apply until the end of your current domain licence period.

New rule changes that will affect all registrants.

There will be changes to licensing rules that applies to all .au domain name registrants in regards to how they are allowed to use and manage their domain portfolios.

1. Renting or leasing of domain names in the .au ccTLD

Renting or leasing of .au domains to third parties will be banned.

2. Renting or leasing of sub-domains

Sub-domains refer to the part of a domain name that can be added in front of a domain. Example,

Sub-domains can be used by and divided up across different companies in order to host additional websites. Domain holders are permitted to create sub-domains however they are not allowed to lease these to other entities.


Additional time will now be granted to fix minor policy breaches

Domain holders will have 30 days to correct minor policy breaches which is an increase from the current standard 12 days.

In this period after the registry has identified a policy breach the domain name will be suspended until the issue has been resolved and put back in line with the current policy.

.For further additional information regarding the new changes you can visit the auDA website.