Our High Performance SEO Service

Our High Performance SEO Service

  • December 05, 2020

Our High Performance SEO

Here at Domain Registration DNS we love, live and breath SEO. We will assist you to outrank your competitors in the search engines!

We employ a team of search engine optimisation experts with over 20 years of experience and have helped hundreds of websites rank high in the search engines and increase your overall website traffic, leads and sales. Our team has diverse internet marketing history and knows all the ins and outs of most website niches.

We will closely match you with one of our experts best suited to your marketing niche. Just some of the niches we can target for you are hairdressing, clothing, medical services, information technology & computing services, gardening, jewellery, financial services, education, automotive, electronics, housing, building, trades services, accounting, training, fitness and weight loss, pets, dating, travel and much more! If you would like to know more about what SEO actually is. Please see our "What is Search Engine Optimisation" Blog post for more detailed information.

Why you need SEO services performed on your website.

It does not matter how fancy, beautiful or expensive your website is. Without SEO it will be ineffective as there is no internet traffic landing on your site. So it is basically invisible and sitting there doing nothing unless people find your site’s address on a business card. In order to drive internet traffic and boost sales or orders on your website. You must first be able to have your website ranking as high as possible in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In order to achieve this. You must have some strong SEO applied to your website to gain visibility over your direct competition.

What we provide and the tasks we complete in order to optimise your website and compete in the search engines against your direct competition.

Our SEO services extend all around Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Hobart.

Our SEO Services include...

Strong Keyword Research.

Content Creation.

High quality backlink creation. The more quality backlinks pointing to your website from other websites the higher your Google ranking.

One page SEO.

Off page SEO.

Create blogs and write smart content frequently.

Website meta tag creation and optimisation.

Google Analytics.

Optimise your landing pages.

Clean and remove duplicate content

Make optimisations to your website to increase its loading times including file compression.

Fix Google crawl errors and broken links.

Create Google web master accounts.

Attract local customers.

Focus on your audience demographics.

Diagnose your website with Google content tools.

Keep unique and relevant title tags within your website.

Setup your goals and provide web traffic statistics.

Don't forget to check out our search engine optimisation page and request a custom quote there.

Our "Monthly SEO" packages start from just $289 per month.

Need us to include your new website in Google's search engine and perform a once off on page optimisation? Only $99 once off fee.

Send us a message today! Email - [email protected]