Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services

  • December 04, 2020

Web Hosting Services.

Web hosting services is a type of Internet hosting service that allows personal and business websites to be accessible via the World Wide Web and from any location in the world

There are generally three items that must be ticked off in order to get a new website for personal or business use online. The first step is to register your own personal domain name. The second step is to build and design your website. And last off all. You will need a web hosting server to serve your new website's pages and associated services to people using the internet all over the world. 

Some web servers are faster and more reliable than others depending where they are in the world and how powerful the web hosting server is. 

Our Web Hosting Servers.

Our web hosting servers are nothing less than world class and loads our customers websites at lightening speeds! We use the industries gold standard for web hosting software. This is called cPanel. The most popular web hosting software used around the world. If you still have not had your website built or found a company or freelancer to build your website for you. No need to worry. All of our webhosting packages have a great and very easy to use website builder built into our cPanel software. Anyone without any website building skills or knowledge of coding can build a stunning looking website in under 20 minutes. It is also has hundreds of predesigned templates you can work from. All you need to do is enter in your websites information. As an added extra bonus. We have also built in some automatic scripts into our cPanel which allows you to install web applications and content management systems such as the well known WordPress. We also offer some great applications to assist you with creating blogs, forums, ecommerce, payment gateways, wikis, guest books, ad management, database tools and much more +

cPanel is a high performance, high grade, feature rich web hosting interface for web hosting clients and web developers. It has all the tools and functions anyone could ever need. It is also highly secure as it is built on Linux framework.

The data centre link speed that your web site will be hosted on has a 1000/1000mbps shared port link and connected directly into the internet backbone. This is why our clients websites load in a blink of an eyelid. And makes our hosting platform award winning and one of the fastest in Australia. No one likes to visit a slow website. Slow loading websites also has a huge impact on where Google decides to place your website in their search index. They tend to only place the fastest websites and rank them higher in their listings. However this is not the only factor Google uses when deciding where to rank your website. But this is a big one.

Not only is your website hosted on our Australian web hosting servers based in Sydney. Your website is also distributed to our other web servers and data centre's based in Malaysia, Amsterdam, and Los Angeles. So when a internet user types in your websites domain name into a web browser. Your website will be served to them by the server they are closest to. Further speeding up your website load times for anyone who is outside of Australia. This also applies to our free Anycast DNS servers.

As for the actual physical web servers. They are technically regarded as clustered high burst servers. Our web hosting easily handles traffic spikes and any server failure by leveraging the power and logic of multiple servers working together to serve your website. This means that your website will never go down with a 99.99% uptime. Because our web hosting servers are running on LiteSpeed server software for Linux, your web page will load up to 5 times faster than most servers around the world and is perfect for powering CMS and ecommerce websites.

Key features

  • Up to 100GB storage
  • Host up to 500 email accounts
  • LiteSpeed or Windows based servers
  • Full range of scripting languages
  • Up to 5GB database storage
  • Shared SSL certificate

All of our servers are equipped with multi core, multi socket high frequency Intel Xeon Processors with massive amounts of system memory. All website data is stored on our SSD RAID SAN Arrays and is backed up on a daily basis. We run one full backup every week. And a incremental backup every day. So your data is secure with us!

Why would you host your website anywhere else? Our amazing web hosting packages start from just $12.54 per month.

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