Australian Domain Names

Australian Domain Names

  • December 12, 2020


Australian Domain Names

Are you an Australian Company? Do you do business in Australia? If so, then an Australian .au address is for you!

Australians are generally much more comfortable in dealing with a local company. This is extremely important if you are selling online. Registering a .au domain name allows your customers to clearly identify that you are trading as a legitimate Australian business.

An Australian domain extension will help your potential Australian customers find you a lot easier. Search engines such as Google ask if you want to search Australian web pages only, so if you have an .au it is more likely to have a higher ranking in Google's search engine results.

If you run your own business, then an Australian domain extension can be added to your business cards, brochures, clothing and billboards. This will make promoting your business much more easy because people will know how they can find you. They will also remember your name. When you have a good Australian domain name it makes you look more like an established business. This will also help you build trust with your customers. Australian domain names also helps you protect your brand and keeps it safe from your competitors. However when it comes to keeping your brand name protected. If you register an .au address. It's best practice to also register the .com and variants of your name so others cannot try to take the credit for your brand. We have deliberately priced our domains at a heavily discounted rate so you can register that also in order to protect your brand.

Australian Domain Name Spaces | Australian Domain Name Registration &

These extensions are used for commercial purposes such as commercial entities that are registered and currently trading in Australia. They are also used for commercial services and products. &

These extensions are generally reserved for non-commercial type companies and organisations. They include associations that are incorporated in any Australian State or it's Territories. Others include trade unions, political parties, sporting & special interest clubs, non-profit organisations and Charites. domain names are used for Australian individuals. Either citizens or residents and they are intended only for personal use.


This extension is for businesses registered in Victoria or entities with the State of Victoria and its residents / citizens with a valid Victorian address.


This goes for the same as .Melbourne. It is reserved for businesses in the State of NSW and its residents / citizens with a valid NSW address.

Australian Domain Name Pricing. | Australian Domain Name Registration

Domain Registration DNS has the most affordable au pricing structure in Australia when bundled with our free DNS management console. You can find all our domain pricing on our domain names page.

What other Australian businesses are saying...

Registering my new business name with Domain Registration DNS was a fast and simple process. I found their .au domain name pricing much cheaper than other Australian registrars and they don't charge any extra for my DNS zone management. I now have 6 domains registered under my account and I can manage them all within the easy to use customer console. 5 out of 5 stars for service and support. Glenda. Melbourne Victoria 3029