Domain Booster Pack

Domain Booster Pack

  • January 06, 2021


Building your domain authority faster

When you first register a new domain name. Your domain authority score will be zero. It can take years for your domain name to build authority and trust flow.

Why do you need higher domain authority?
When it comes to search engine rankings your website age is one of the items Google checks to see your domain names age and authority score. Google simply will not rank new young domains in search results because the domain name has not had a chance to start building trust or a backlink profile.
You need domain trust and a good backlinks profile in order for your website to start showing up in Google or Yahoo when internet users are searching for your services,

Domain Registration DNS has a one of a kind service found with no other domain name registrar on the face of the planet. Our domain booster will prematurely start aging your domain name and build trust in the search engines rapidly.
Generally domain aging can take anywhere up to two years before you start seeing any movement or increase in authority.

Domain names are measured using special metrics called DR and DA
DR is Domain Rank
DA is Domain Authority
TF is Trust Flow

Our Domain Booster package will drastically increase these two scores in as little as 16 weeks. This gives your domain name the fighting chance to start competing against other websites in Google for a higher position.
Without a boost of minor white hat link building and local directory submissions your website will take years for internet users to find you. Unless of course you hand them a business card or have a bumber sticker! 
There is a third option. Our Domain Booster package.

As we mentioned it can take up to two years for your score to start to increase.
We promise to increase these scores and metrics in under 16 weeks. Giving your brand new young domain a mature boost!

Our Domain Booster package is just $39.99.
An absolute must have if you are selling products or services on your website via your domain.
If your domain name is already registered elsewhere. That's fine. We can still enhance your metrics no matter where you are or who you are registered with. We can even apply this if your website is on another web hosting server or company.

When transfering your domain name over to Domain Registration DNS from another domain registrar we can make our booster package up to 35% more effective.
So why not try transfering your domain over to us so we can get to work on improving your metrics even faster. 

Extra added bonus

Did you know that when you build your new website and it goes online. You are not included in the search engines such as Google or Yahoo?
This now needs to be manually requested. And the process can actually be quite technical for the new website owner. There is a number of steps that you must complete including adding some special programming code into your sites html or php structure. Another way of doing this is adding some special DNS records into your domain or hosting management console. 
We are sure this all sounds pretty technical to the website newbie.

As part of out Web Booster package we will take the hard and complex work out of this and do all the work for you. Another special service that no other domain name registrar offers directly to clients.

Try our Domain Booster package today and lets age your domain via whitehat Google approved link building, submitting your site to local business directories and social media. 
Be warned. There are many people and companies out there who will promise to increase the metrics of your domain. Much of the time you will be provided with  "Artificial inflation"  which simply wont help your domain authority score or your search engine rankings. In fact it can actually cause damage to your brand.