How Australian Domain Names Are Registered

How Australian domain names are registered

  • February 16, 2021

How Australian domain names are registered.

The domain extension is prominent around Australia. However, usual registrars don't offer this extension .

How are these names registered and managed?

The domain space is classed as a "Closed" Domain extension. This is because they are only available to state and local Australian government bodies.
These domain name extensions are managed by the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA)
The DTA has been in charge of this role since 2018.

The DTA are the administrators of domains at a federal government level.

To apply for a domain name you will need to visit the Australian government registrar over at Even though operates with a different set of polices as compared with normal .au domains, some auDA polices still apply.

How many domains are there?
This was a statistic which was really hard to find as they aren't published on the auDA's public registry report so the actual number remains undisclosed to the general public.

Are there any other "Closed" Domain name extensions?

Examples of other closed registry domain names in Australia include which is reserved for educational institutions.

Another "Closed" domain name extension is which is reserved for not for profit organisations.
Even these remain closed. Domain Registration DNS has this domain extension available to register as long as you can meet the rules, guidelines and regulations.

To register a domain head over to Domain Registration DNS and apply