What Is My Domain Name Worth?

What is my domain name worth?

  • December 21, 2020

What is my domain name worth?

Have you every thought to yourself. I wonder what my domain name is worth if I considering selling it to another person or a company? The answer to this can actually be quite complicated.

If you have a number of domain names. Or maybe even a domain name portfolio, it can be really exciting to see the large figures some domain name registrants can sometimes be offered for a single web address.

In reality while some domain names can be quite valuable. They often tend to be in the minority. A company or induvial buyer can offer a high price if the address fits perfectly with a specific business need especially when there are no other alternatives which is really rare these days due to the many domain name extensions available today. Further more other situations where a high price is offered if the domain name is a generic single word. Or a short two-word common term.

There are also extremely wealthy and cashed up companies who buy large numbers of domains, but most of them are more interested in domains that also have added value. For example. Domain names which have had established web sites attached to them and had high amounts of internet traffic and search engine optimisation performed on them. However even then you still might only be offered a very low amount compared to the amount of time and effort you have put into a site and its relative domain name over many years. Most of the time your better off holding onto your domain name and keep developing it until you get a reasonable offer. Don't jump on the low ball.

Beware of dodgy appraisals.

Some domain name owners get so curious about what their domain name might be worth. They will decide to get their domain name appraised.

There are many different ways you can get your domain name appraised. Most of the free automated domain name appraisal services are complete rubbish and not worth the screen pixels they are displayed on. These services work on rudimentary aspects by doing things like measuring the traffic that goes to the domain, the amount of inbound links it has which does not include a deep analysis of the quality. And then there is the age and length of the domain name

Be vary careful with some of the many paid domain name appraisal services, they will not give you an accurate value of your name either. And in many cases this is totally intentional.

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