Cheap Domain Registration And Hosting

Cheap Domain Registration And Hosting

  • January 16, 2021


Cheap Domain Names And Web Hosting

There are plenty of cheap domain registration and hosting company’s out there and it can be very confusing which one to choose. You only need to check out the many different internet forums to find which ones you should stay away from and which ones are worthy of taking care of your services and internet assets. You really need to stay well clear of the cheaper hosting companies who make huge promises that they simply won’t or are not capable of delivering. It can also be really dangerous especially with the smaller companies and private label resellers who have direct access to your personal data. Even worse, because they are just a reseller they also don’t have direct access to the infrastructure so if something goes wrong they need to rely on the wholesale company to correct the issue. And this could take days. But cheap does not always mean cheap. You can find some fantastic plans out there with reputable web hosts. But often they also do not provide some of the free extra services that others do.  If some companies had a dollar for every time they had a problem with their web host. They could have afforded high grade enterprise hosting products.

Thankfully, you’ve landed on the right website today. We suggest you keep reading on before making a decision where you are going to register your domain name and have your website hosted.

When looking at acquiring the cheaper services of other providers you actually don’t get much in terms of bang for your buck. When you order a $3 per month hosting plan the servers are overloaded; the outside connection speed to the internet is on a slow shared link, they don’t offer much in terms of redundancy or backups and they don’t run their own in house DNS servers. Not to mention staffing problems and knowledgeable network support technicians available to the end user. These companies can make their services and products look great. But there is really nothing behind them to back up the stated quality except for the rock bottom prices and pretty pictures.

It’s not often you come across a cheap quality company such as Domain Registration DNS. We have built and designed our services around the finest hosting infrastructure in Australia. For a low cost you are provided with a high end business grade enterprise product line packed with advanced features which we will mention here. Normally when you register a domain name the only thing you really get is the name, and you are not provided with any other features besides being able to make modifications to your domain name delegation settings which allow you to point your domain to a hosting provider of your choice. And that’s basically it. When you register a domain name with our company you are provided with an advanced feature set of DNS functions. This allows you to access, create and modify different types of DNS zone records. Normally in order to be able to do this you must also have a hosting account. Our advanced domain name management system gives you access to all these features for free. This also enables you to perform such functions as URL and email forwarding. URL forwarding allows you to point your domain name to any other internet address on their internet. And email forwarding allows you to create your own personal email address and forward it to any other mailbox or email address you wish.

Now let’s get into what we call an enterprise level hosting product at the fraction of the price big businesses adopt and pay for. You’re going to get exactly the same service and expectations that these larger company’s pay for at a low cost.

Our hosting plans are cheap. The reason we say cheap is because you’re getting a high grade service at a small business cost. Cheap hosting companies offer you a single server. This means when you upload your website it’s hosted on a single device.
This is what makes our hosting services completely different at a fraction of the cost. When you upload your website to a hosting account provided by us we actually store your website on several clustered servers meaning your site is distributed across different servers within the same data center. So if there is a problem with one of the servers and it stops functioning for whatever reason, your site will stay live and online. By also distributing your website across multiple servers this gives your website a blazing fast response time and loads like lightening. This is the biggest difference between Domain Registration DNS and another provider who is advertising cheap hosting products.
Head on over and check out our cheap high peformance web hosting solutions.

We also provide the industry leadng cPanel hosting plaftorm jam packed with amazing one click application installers such as Wordpress, joomla, drupal and ecommerce packs.
These are also regarded as "Content Management Systems"

All completly free!

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