Cheap Domain Registration Australia

Cheap Domain Registration Australia

  • December 26, 2020


Cheap Australian Domain Name Registration

Our new Australian Domain Name Registration services is the cheapest in Australia. This is simply because we don't just give you a registration. We also provide a corporate enterprise service at a small business start-up cost. Afforable for every Australian!

All of our domain names also come with the follwing extra's. Many other domain name registration companies in here in Australia do not offer all of the extra's we are now providing to all of our domain name customers.

We now offer with every domain extention.

Free Anycast DNS servers - This gives you faster look up speeds and a high level of redundancy

Free Distrubuted & Clusterd web hosting - This means your web site is loaded onto several high speed high burst servers. Not just one

Free 1 click application installers such as Wordpress, Joomla, Ecommerce, Payment Gateways, Blog posting tools & Online backups

Unlimited DNS records.

Free Sub Domains.

Free URL forwarding.

Free Email Forwarding.

Free Domain Name delegation.

Free custom name servers.

Free Domain Manager tool.

Add your web site into the Google search engine for free so you can be found.

Free site statistics and analytics allowing you to track your web site vistitors and where they come from.

Automatic load balancing.

Enhanced security.

High network avaliablity.

99.99% uptime. Your web site will never go down. Ever.

Free domain name transfers. It costs you nothing to tranfer your domain name over to our amazig one of a kind Australian service.

And more.

Many other Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting companies wont offer the free extras. We are the only Domain Name Registrar in Australia that offers this huge suite of free services with every domain name and web hosting product. We use the industry leading cPanel web hosting platform full or rich and amazing features to completly customise your services.

Our domain name prices start at just $24.98 per year and includes all the above extra added services. Elsewhere all you get is your domain name and the ability to change your delegation settings and thats all.

We offer much much more! Don't be fooled by cheap $3.00 per month hosting packages from anywhere else. All you get is an account and your web site is hosted on just one single slower server with hundreds sometimes thousands of other web sites being hosted on a single web hosting server. This totally restricts you to much slower speeds and your data is not always backed up. When you upload your web site to our servers. We automatically distribute your website to several other hosting servers also. Not just the one as we mentioned other providers give you. This means your web site is load balanced between all of our servers giving you the ultimate blazing fast web site loading speeds. There is no need for you to setup your own backups or distriuted systems. We do all of this completly automatically for you. So even if two of our hosting servers goes down at the same time (Which Never happens anyway) our other clustered servers will keep your web site up and running. We also perform one full backup of your web site every week, And then we run incremental backups every single day. So your small business or corporate data is completly safe with us.

Do you want to pay for cheaper domain name registration and hosting which doesent give you much in terms of flexablity, reliablity, speed and extra configurtation options? Or would you like all the extra's at very affordable prices with us? Giving you complete advanced control over your domain name.

We also offer a domain locking system. Which makes it impossible for sqautters and domain thieves stealing and aquireing your domain name. This happens more than you think. And can result in expensive and lengthy court battles to get your domain name back. especially if you own a valuable name. So keep your domain name safe with us with our domain locking and privacy services.

Don't go for and get caught up with nasty $3 per month hosting packages. You wont get much at all. Your espeically wont get anything close to what we provide for our valued domain name and hosting customers.

All of our web hosting packages start from just $12,99 per month will all of the added extras metioned above!

And. Even more

Did you know Google measures your web site speed to decided how close to the top pages of the search resultls they will place your web site? Well now you know! The faster your web site loads, the higher up in Googles pages your web site will be found! Google tends to place slower websites further down in it's search index and faster web sites cloeser to the top. This means that people searching for your products or services simply wont find you. So when you are using our high burts distrubuted clustered web servers. Your site is going to load a lot faster. Resulting in your site being listed higher in Googles search index! It's worth mentioning though. We have no control where Google decides to rank your web site as they use over 200 different factors when deciding where your web site should be placed. But this is one of those factors and this will definatly help drive more free traffic to your site which increases your sales, revenue and visablity. By transfering your domain over to Domain Registration DNS. Expect your sales to grown over time. One of the big reasons Aussie web site owenrs are transfering over to our super fast hosting servers.

Extra added bonus features.

Free DNS management, Unlimited zone records, Free Anti Spam, Free Shared SSL, Free web statistics & analytics, Free clustered web site distribution with high burst web servers, Free domain delegation. Re delegate as many times as you wish, Free WordPress, Joomla & Ecommerce installers, Free blog management, Free Content Management Systems and a Free basic site builder to get you up and running fast.

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