Huge Domain Name Sale

Huge Domain Name Sale

  • February 17, 2021


Huge Domain Name Sale

Domain Registration DNS has dropped all Australian domain name extension prices and included complete free additional services to every domain name!

Formally all .au domain extensions had a minimum registration period of two years.
Following the new changes in domain policy defined by .au Domain Administration, Australian domain names can now be registered for a minimum of one year. Making the initial investment a lower cost for consumers.

New domain prices marked down.
Includes Free Services.


$17.99 .com
$16.99 .net

Completely free services.

Many domain registrars across Australia charge additional fees for the following services.
Domain Registration DNS has decided these additional services actually cost nothing to provide. So we are giving them away free.

These free features will give you full complete control over your domain name.

1. Free DNS Hosting for life.

2. Free URL Forwarding/Domain Redirection.
(You can forward your domain name to any existing website address)

3. Free Email Forwarding
(You can create your own [email protected] and forward it to your current email address automatically)

4. Free DNS/Domain Name Management)
(You can create various different DNS records including sub-domains)

5. Create custom name servers
(This is for the more advanced domain name user)

6. We can submit your new domain name and website to Google completely free.
(This requires a time consuming and complicated task. We setup a special Google webmasters account for you. We do this free upon request)

7. Free access to our high performance Anycast DNS network
(We operate special DNS servers to update new settings you make to your domain name almost instantly)

8. Point your domain name to any web hosting provider you want.
(You wont be stuck with using our web hosting plans. You can point your domain name to any hosting company you like. While most registrars allow this by default. Some dont.)

New web hosting service changes.

Our web hosting servers are some of the fastest in Australia.
Due to our clustered and fully distrubted hosting system our plans provide maximum speed, reliability and security.
When you upload your new website to our hosting it's distributed across several severs and then load balanced, providing ultra fast website loading times!
Many hosting companies host your site on a single server. This single server could be hosting thousands of other sites, greatly impacting on your sites performance.
Did you know the faster your website loads the higher Google will consider placing it in their search listings?

Our new prices and free features makes Domain Registration DNS one of the most affordable and flexible domain name registrars in Australia!

Head over to our domain name registration page for instant activation of your new domain name. That's right. Instant activation!

Huge sale on now.
Don’t miss out!