Should You Host Your Website In Australia?

Should you host your website in Australia?

  • January 30, 2021


Hosting your website in Australia Vs Overseas

Most Australian businesses traditionally use Australian web hosting companies for their providers.  Due to the growing amount of new overseas providers have many Australian business customers  have all been tempted to join and use their services simply because they have been advertised so cheap. The overseas companies use tatctics such as promising and providing businesses with significant savings in web hosting fees. 
What you must realise is that the reduction in cost is not all as it appears to be and generally it will cost your business much more in the long term.

Most hosting providers pretend to advertise their service as an Australian hosting company when in fact they are hosting their servers overseas.
When you first take a look at a website its not obvious as these multinational hosting companies will use use a domain name and will also provide customers with an Australian phone number to contact sales and support. These phone numbers will often divert to an international phone number without your knowledge. Overseas hosting companies that market their services to Australia often use these little tricks to appeal to the local Australian market and fool the customer into thinking that their service is based in Australia. The auDA has is now implementing new .au guidelines to stop international companies aquiring Australian domain names so overseas entities cannot pose as an Australian business. These new guidelines will be implemented in July 2021which will hopefully stamp out some of these racketts.

Another tactic being used that has become obvious is local Australian companies hosting their hosting servers in overseas data centres. This provides the hosting company with major cost savings. This is not the best option for customers looking for Australian based web hosting for a number of different reasons. Australian companies that go out of thier way to do business with other Australian companies  benefit greatly from local hosting providers.  
Here we will list some of these greater benifets.

Faster Service Speed.

Websites hosted  on overseas servers can suffer greatly from slower site load times. Something that many people don’t know is information that is uploaded by a computer in Australia has to travel long distances overseas to reach the hosting location. This takes extra time for the first few packets of information to become available. Once the request reaches the overseas location that same information needs to travel all the way back from the overseas web host to the  user in Australian who is accessing the website. This  long drawn out process will create an middleman that is just not required. Call it an extra hope skip and jump if you will. Not only do  these extra chain of events affect the load times of the website, it also slows down other downloadable information and data which includes items such as images and videos which will impacts the users overall experience.

Due to iinformation moving so quickly on the Internet these days with faster and faster internet connections this might not seem like a much of a disadvantage, but repeated lag times affect the success of some businesses. Website users generally dont like to visit slow and sluggish sites, so if two different websites offer the same services and information, but one is much slower than the other, the visiting user will most likely choose to browse the faster site. This costs  businesses profit and greatly impacts a visitors website experience, especially if you are operating an online store with a built in content management system. (CMS)

Eliminate the risk of service failure

Most overseas hosting providers are very reliable, choosing to use one of these hosts wont necessarily mean you will get a bad service. However, by connecting a website to an overseas provider, there can be an increased number of different ""Points of failure."
When the ever growing number of different exchanges and connections are set up in the web hosting chain, extra breakdowns can occur in the chain. When using an Australian web hosting service, this eliminates the extra possible chances these breakdowns can occour by keeping all number of different hops and exchanges contained in within Australia.

If you are an Australin business with a mission critical website that must be online 24/7 the chances are you are going to have less technical issues as opposed to hosting your site with a provider overseas.
You are going to experience faster response times, less overall lag, higher uptime, better support and sometimes even higher rankings in search engines such as Google. 

Domain Registration DNS, an Australian domain name registration and web hosting service operates high performance business grade web hosting servers within its Sydney data centre.
The hosting plans are some of the fastest and stable offerings on the market within Australia. 
The hosting servers are based on a clustered and distrubuted platform. This means when you upload your website, it is actually distrbuted across several different servers all clustered and load balanced together. This means if a single hosting server goes down your website will keep operating at maximum speed and wont go down which can disrupt and have a huge impact on your business. This is why major corporate companies are now slowly moving over to this high grade low cost hosting service.
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